USA Dance (Heartland) Chapter #2022


Our Volunteers are Our Heroes
November is our Volunteer Appreciation Month!!!
Come help us thank our volunteers!!!

We are very lucky to have dedicated people who generously offer their time and services to our Chapter.
We recognize that our volunteers come to our parties first and foremost to have a good time.

We make every effort NOT to overburden our volunteers. To this end, we work with volunteers to help them find a way to combine their volunteer duties with the general dancing. If you are considering volunteering for one of our dance parties, please consult the Volunteer Guidelines that address some of the frequently asked volunteer questions.

Remember that our door greeters and food volunteers get free admission to the parties for which they volunteered. More importantly, as a volunteer, we want you to have a good experience that will encourage you to volunteer in the future. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer either at one of our monthly dance parties or serve on one of our committees.

Remember that all your efforts, no matter how small, are truly appreciated!!!
And just as importantly, every aspect of your help improves the image of our Chapter and makes it a fun social venue.

  • Barb & Carol
  • Ben and Alexis
  • Dorit
  • Efim
  • Elzbieta
  • Joyce
  • Larry & Anna
  • Marvin & Greta
  • Nancy D
  • Nancy S
  • Neil
  • Peggy & Lisa
  • Robert
  • Roger and Amy
  • Shufen
  • Shun & Rodney
  • Terry
  • Tina