Indianapolis, IN 46158
United States

About Us

Heartland Ballroom Dancers is a chapter of the non-profit USA Dance, Inc., the nation-wide organization of social, college, and competitive Amateur Ballroom Dancers in the United States. It functions as the governing body in the USA for amateur ballroom dancing (also known as Dancesport). USA Dance has received affiliation with both the US Olympic Committee and International Olympic Committee.

USA Dance organizes local, regional, and national dance championships; selects amateur dancers to represent the United States in world dance competitions and helps finance their participation. The Youth College Network (YCN) is active throughout the United States, bringing the excitement and elegance of ballroom dancing to high school, college and university students.

The Heartland Chapter of USA Dance organizes and fosters low-cost social dances, dance lessons, workshops, and charitable events in the Indianapolis and surrounding area. Chapter members present dance demonstrations in schools, shopping malls, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers, and other public places and strive to educate the public regarding the health benefits of ballroom dancing. Chapter volunteers also organize and promote ballroom dance clubs in local schools and colleges.

Monthly dances are frequently preceded by a dance lesson taught by a local professional. Yearly dance events include fundraisers for local charities and the youth dance community. The Heartland Chapter is not affiliated with any dance school or studio and is open to dancers of all ages and abilities.

The Heartland board meeets once a month after the monthly dance. Heartland board meetings are open to all members. To attend, please email: or call: 317-759-0171 for time and locaton.

Officers of the Heartland Chapter of USA DANCE:

  • President: Larry Gogel
  • Vice President: Anna Kovalyova
  • Secretary: Nancy Dew
  • Treasurer: Vacancy

Directors at Large:

  • Alexis McCall, Special Projects Coordinator
  • Communications Coordinator, Vacant
  • Dorit Tomandl, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Joseph Meyer, Membership Coordinator
  • Amy Greenawalt, Social Dance Coordinator

Committee Chairs:

  • Bylaws & Policies - Nancy Dew
  • Dance Clubs Liason - Anna Kovalyova
  • Dance Instructor Coordinator - Anna Kovalyova
  • Hospitality/Greeters - Dorit Tomandl & Larry Gogel
  • Facebook - Efim Kolesnikov & Larry Gogel
  • Website - Efim Kolesnikov & Larry Gogel
  • Flyers - Larry Gogel
  • Marketing - Anna Kovalyova
  • MC Coordinator - Larry Gogel
  • National Ballroom Dance Week - Anna Kovalyova & Larry Gogel
  • Newsletter - Nancy Dew
  • Nominations - Anna Kovalyova
  • Photographer/Videographer - Efim Kolesnikov
  • Refreshments - Nancy Dew
  • Workshops/Special Events - Anna Kovalyova & Larry Gogel
  • Youth Outreach - Anna Kovalyova
  • Raffle Sales - Dorit Tomandl & Alexis McCall